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The Kalashnikov assault rifle, better known as the AK-47, and its derivatives, also known under the common name of AK, is the most prolific small arm of the 2nd half of the 20th century. This is a true weapon of legend, known for its extreme ruggedness, simplicity of operation and maintenance, and unsurpassed reliability even in the most harse conditions on the planet. It is used not only as a military weapon, but also as a platform for numerous sporting civilian rifles and shotguns   The AK is an amalgam of previously known features and solutions, combined for Reliability, Simplicity of operation and maintenance.


  • Model 7050SFM  
  • AK47 Tactical
  • Mako Sidefold stock
  • Gas block front site combo
  • 5 inch Machine Gun barrel extension
  • Bipod Front Grip