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Milled vs Stamped

Milled or Stamped?

Below are comparisons between the stamped and Milled receivers. Some of the information was received from our contacts in Europe, and some as a result of direct testing.

Spec: Petronov Armament Milled , 4140 steel, heat treated to Rockwell C 44-46, Stamped Receiver No Dac Spud. NDS-1 & NDS-3 ,Tested at 100 meters, 7.62 x 39 Wolf classic ammo, Full metal jacket.

Accuracy: The Milled receiver is reported to be more accurate. Ten rifles of each type were tested with the following equipment. Petronov Armament Milled Receiver, 5 Polish and 5 Bulgarian rifles. The same mix of rifles with stamped receivers were used. The rifles were equipped with new US made Mossberg chrome lined barrels.

Results: The milled receivers held a tighter group by an average of .366 of an inch. The Milled did prove to be more accurate, However, AK's are not target rifles and the difference in accuracy is not significant.

Weight: A Stamped Rifle is about one pound lighter then the milled Rifle.

Reliability: There is no significant difference in reliability between a milled and a stamped rifle. The moving parts in a milled rifle will show less part ware over time. However, thousands of rounds need to be fired before there is any significant difference in wear patterns. Part wear, especially with semi-auto rifles, is not a major concern.

Cost: The higher cost of a milled rifle is a result of the machine time and equipment cost. Production costs depend on the skill of the programmer, the type of tooling and the size and production capacity of the CNC machines .

Action: Milled receiver tolerances can be tighter and the rifle will cycle smoother then the stamped rifles with less flexing.

Which Rifle looks better? This is a matter of taste, however, most of our customers prefer the looks of a milled rifle.

Resale: Milled rifles have a higher resale value. Depending on condition and other economic factors, full cost recovery is possible when selling a used milled rifle. Used stamped rifles usually sell for less then original cost.

Summary: "Why are the modern AK Types built on stamped receivers and not milled?" COST!. The milled rifle was produced until a much cheaper but equally reliable stamped model became available.

*The decision to purchase a milled rifle should not be based on accuracy or reliability, there just isn't enough difference. The look, resale and shooting experience of the milled rifle is its attraction.